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OpthoPatch Eye Patches are always cool, comfortable, breathable & fun: These children’s Optho-Patch eye patches are made from non-woven cotton that allows the skin to breathe. Our Cool designs make them fun too!

Superior Eye Treatment: Attach to your child’s eye and it softly treats various eye-related conditions such as amblyopia, lazy eye, cross-eye for amazing therapeutic results!

Latex Free Hypoallergenic: Reduce the irritation to your child’s skin. Latex & thiuram free, it is great even for sensitive skin. The adhesive is also safe and gentle on your kids face.

Healthier Treatment For Your Child

Treat your children's eye conditions with our fun and unique eye patches made for children to fit like a glove so they can get treatment while enjoying the activities they love. Super comfortable material allows them to feel little to no discomfort while they have it on so they won't fuss or fight about having to wear one.

Better yet, they come with custom designed patterns that are both cool and fun so they would be thrilled to show off to their friends!

Reward Posters: Use the free included reward charts to track your child’s patch wearing, and help them count down to reward and prizes. If your child has amblyopia, cross eye, lazy eye or any other condition that requires a patch, this helps them feel much better about wearing them.

Guaranteed Safe: Our product is latex and thiuram free so your child won't be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. Made from non-woven strong cotton fabric and safe adhesive to make sure it remains intact throughout most of your child's day, you are getting one of the highest quality therapeutic patches you can find! Highly effective and fun for all children - get your Defined Vision Optho-Patches!

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